Somos Bilingües

En esta sección usted podrá encontrar las actividades escolares dentro y fuera de la institución que resaltan el nivel de bilingüismo del colegio.


Participacion de tres estudiantes del colegio en el concurso de oratoria organidazo por EF, 


The students in 4th grade created Periscopes as a Science Project for Integrated Studies by linking topics related to Energy and Light, Sources and Kinds of Energy, as well as how your eyes see objects, and how light reflects off objects.

While the students had fun during the activity exploring the school with the periscopes, they experienced how light is perceived by the eyes and what happens when light rays meet an object. The periscopes let them spy around walls, corners and other obstacles. At the end, the students shared their experiences on the project after looking things around. It was awesome!

Also they built a solar oven using a pizza box, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap. This science project for integrated studies reinforced the topics seen in class such as radiant energy, sources of energy, the way light travels, absorption and reflection of light, and how the heat from the sun is trapped in the solar oven, melting the chocolate cookies. This ecological solar oven was a fun idea, and the students tasted the hot cookies with melted chocolate. Yummy!

Throughout the school year, 3rd graders created Parachutes as a Science Project for Integrated Studies where they recognized forces such as gravity and pulling, acting on different objects.

During this fun activity, the students expressed ideas about which forces act on different types of parachutes, how gravity affects their own parachute, and sharing their conclusions with their classmates.